Strawberry Crisp 500MG CBD Vape Juice


Our most popular product, The Releaf Box’s CBD Vape Juices are made with out 99%+ CBD Isolate. Safe, affordable, easy to use and legal. The best way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.


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What Are The Effects of CBD?

There are many benefits to CBD. The effects of CBD include but are not limited to..

  • Relaxation
  • May Relieve Pain
  • Calm Anxiety
  • Relieve Stress
  • Clear Mind & Focus
  • Aid In Sleep

*Disclaimer: We Do NOT Claim our product will help you achieve these effects, we are simply sharing information about CBD from Healthline

Customer Reviews

Never tried CBD before but after I came across The Releaf Box, they convinced me to give it a shot. SO GLAD I did. Wow does this stuff really work! Pure bliss in a bottle!

Joshua Olson

Verified Customer

Truly amazing stuff! Really helps me just relax and calm down after a long stressful day. Fast & convenient relief!

Sophie Leonard

Verified Customer

Absolutely love this stuff. Tastes amazing and after just a few puffs it helps calm my anxiety. Personally never going back to regular CBD oil anytime soon.

Amanda Parks

Verified Customer

Wow the strawberry crisp such a juicy flavor! I've tried a lot and I mean A LOT of different CBD vape juices before, nothing comes even close to the quality of The Releaf Box's CBD vape juice!!

Herman Norton

Verified Customer

I love vaping this along side a nice cup of tea, perfect combo. Helps me relax and unwind. Really helpful before a presentation or a party.

Amy Shumocker

Verified Customer

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